COVID-19 Safety Update

COVID-19 Safety Shield

The Green Motion car and van rental network remains open and ready to support your personal transport needs during the COVID-19 global crisis. In support of our highly valued customers we were one of the first companies to implement a range of new protocols to further enhance the safety of them, and of course our staff, at all our locations worldwide. While we all play our collective part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and supporting our own National Health Services and frontline workers, each Green Motion location is adapting to meet staff and customer protection protocols. All staff have been issued with and are required to wear appropriate face masks and gloves, socially distance, and regularly clean their hands using soap and sanitiser.

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Increased car valeting and disinfecting

As well as going through our standard valeting process, we are ensuring that every vehicle is disinfected at the end of each rental. The team are trained to particularly focus on the main touchpoints using our 20 Point Vehicle Sanitisation Checklist within the vehicle including the steering wheel, gear controls, handbrake, and other aspects of the car's interior which come into regular contact with our hands. These are sanitised with a recommended disinfectant, which also falls in line with our policy of using chemicals that do not harm the environment.

When you collect your car for rental you will find a paper band across the steering wheel, or hanging card from the rear view mirror, which confirms the vehicle has been fully valeted before use.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have provided all staff with full PPE including face masks, face shields, gloves and protective eyewear, and all offices have been provided with protective counter tops to help add an extra layer of protection between you and the team.

We have also put together signage around all locations, including social distancing floor stickers to help you and our other customers keep a safe distance when queueing. As always, we also encourage you to use our recycling zones and dispose of any rubbish immediately in the appropriate bins provided.

Hand cleaning and sanitisation

We have put together guidance posters that you will see around our locations including the best hand washing techniques and how you can be mindful of where you touch. Each sanitiser dispenser is automatic to minimise the need to touch and are made of powder coated mild steel which means they are sanitary and easy for our team to clean.

You will also be able to utilise the counter top and freestanding sanitisation stations, and our locations will also have antibacterial wipes available for use when you are using our digital signature pads or PDQ's.

What if I need to go into quarantine?

If you need to go into quarantine before your rental ends, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting the return location to avoid any late return charges. They may be able to collect the car from you or extend the rental so a family member can return the vehicle at a later date.

Look out for the Safety Shield

As we roll out this new protocol, we will be adding an identifier to each location that has in place our customer and staff safety procedures, so look out for our shield icon. The shield icon will confirm our commitment to:

  • Limiting the number of people in store at any one time
  • Undergoing regular sanitation with special attention to touchpoints including door handles, handrails etc.
  • Providing floor markings to help customers maintain social distancing
  • Installing staff and customer protection shields
  • Having hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes available at the counter
  • Staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks and gloves
  • All vehicles being fully valeted utilising recommended anti-bacterial and sanitation products that are environmentally safe

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers around the world that have chosen Green Motion Car & Van Rental to provide their Personal Protective Transport (PPT). If you require any further information or assistance or advice on renting a car or van from Green Motion during the COVID-19 pandemic please get in touch.